Juliette at Fredricks fine foods

For dinner parties we do not have a standard menu and personalise our service by tailoring the menu to your needs.
For more information or discuss your event please call us on call 01379 652594 or email: info@fredricksfinefoods.com
Please see our FAQs below:

How do I plan a meal and decide what I want?

We find that our customers like to come in and discuss menus and the combinations of courses. We like to give advice on the best combinations in terms of ingredients, flavours and recipes, so as to give an interesting and balanced meal for the guests. We offer not just gourmet food, but also traditional dishes such as Steak and Kidney Pie. We are more than happy to provide any part of the meal, just the vegetables, if that's all that's wanted! Quite often our customers just want us to do one course. That's absolutely fine!

What do I do with the food when I get it home?

Depending on the dish, it may need finishing off in an oven or can be eaten cold. Each dish has written cooking instructions that come with it. We can also discuss a timetable for the cooking and serving of the food. The main thing that we want our customers to do is to enjoy the food and the company!

What will the food be in when I pick it up?

The food can be cooked in your own china or we can provide you with our own. Food not in china is specially wrapped to keep it in premium condition.